Wednesday, December 16, 2015

An Introduction to my Blog!

Welcome, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I figured I should introduce the blog and what it is all about!
So I'm 14, and I figured I might as well do something whilst I'm at home with  a laptop on my lap. Considering I'm still at school waiting for exams to be done and over with, I'm not doing much travelling at the moment, nor much of anything really. But I enjoy writing, and enjoy using the internet, so I guessed I would have a shot at some blogging. Why not? Nothing to loose, kill some time.

So, just to round that up, there won't be much interesting stuff on here, at least, hopefully someday there might be! But I'm pretty sure if you're looking for an amazing blog filled with excitement you're looking in the wrong place - although I guess I could come up with something to fill the empty pages.

So, basic stuff; my name's Charlotte, and I live in Wales, UK. I enjoy horseriding and ''country sports'' such as hunting and shooting. I live on a small farm with pigs, cattle, dogs, horses, sheep and poultry. I work at the hunt kennels and hunt/shoot every Saturday. I spend Sundays visiting my large family or working at home. I enjoy Art, History, Literature and Science; although I wouldn't push it to say I was good at any of those. I spend much of my time breeding and whipping in to a pack of basset hounds, of which I am very fond of.

I aspire to achieve happiness - which I do have now, but most importantly to obtain this happiness through future success, and to not necessarily 'be famous', but to have achieved my own kind of greatness, and to feel I have made my family and myself proud.

PS; I don't really have any clue about this blogging - but I do know that practice makes perfect, and you're not practicing if you're sitting on the side ''waiting until you're older''. Thank you, please follow if you'd like to keep up to date! :)